PTA Seafood is a business specializing in frozen seafood. Our major products include squid, octopus, shrimp and fish.

Vietnamese consumers always wish to enjoy the cleanest, healthiest food and desire quintessential cuisine bestowed by natural seafood. PTA Seafood is a pioneer in favor of those perfect values.

To ensure the quality of clean products that shall be supplied to the market, in Vietnam, PTASeafood has cooperated with many local companies specializing in aquaculture, especially in the Mekong River Delta, farming areas, the largest aquaculture and aquaculture in the country.

In addition to domestically produced and caught products, PTA Seafood has a plentiful source of high-quality raw materials imported from Indonesia, Norway, Canada, India and so on of which Indonesia, the island nation with the longest coastline in Asia up to 54,716 km2. In these countries, PTA Seafood has a purchasing representative company directly to control quality effectively right from the source of imported goods.

During 17 years of operation, PTA Seafood has become one of leading frozen seafood supply chain in Vietnam for the mid-to-high-end market segment. Currently, in each segment, PTA Seafood’s partners are all big enterprises i.e Golden Gate and Red Sun in Horeca segment with famous large restaurant chains that are well received by consumers such as Kichi Kichi, Gogi House, King BBQ and so on. In the manuafacturing segment, the main partners are seafood processing companies i.e Hoang Cam (Ho Chi Minh City), Huy Nam (Kien Giang), Thuan Phat (Bac Lieu), etc. In addition. There are customers specializing in supplying to luxery hotels and restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.

All imported or domestically purchased ingredients of PTASeafood are tested for quality assurance and put into processing, freezing following techniques, ensuring freshness as well as protection. food safety. With the scale of the system, PTASeafood can supply frozen shrimp, squid and octopus products following the customer’s standards and requirements with the most competitive prices. Especially, for each product, PTASeafood meets the production requirements of customers with standards such as quantity of quantity of fish / kg, specifications, product quality, material purchasing areas and so on.