Squid many sizes

Squid of PTA Seafood is preliminarily processed and uses IQF / Semi IQF freezing technology that meets European standards when caught, ensuring freshness of squid while frozen.


500 grams 1 kg

Size (unit / kg):

7 - 10 12 - 15 15 - 20

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Squid is a good souces of nutrients including beneficial fats, vitamins and minerals that support the body, promote health such as copper (90%) to help absorb minerals, regenerate red blood cells, and calcium to help strengthen bones. Among the squid families, squid is the most commercially valuable and tastiest grade, so it is enjoyed by many countries around the world.

Squid is delicious and has thick meat, natural sweetness, caught fresh and well preserved from raw material areas, the tentacles are attached to the squid body, the squid beard is firm, the squid body is straight and thick.

Frozen squid clean is classified by size, good to make processing different dishes such as squid sautéed with celery garlic, squid stuffed with meat, steamed squid, and so on.

Packing:500 grams, 1 kg

In addition, PTA Seafood offers many different sizes 7-10, 12-15, 15-20 / kg