Cuttlefish buttons many sizes

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Cuttlefish is a seafood with good nourishing effects, used as a variety of healthy foods and contains many proteins, minerals and vitamins B1 and B2.

PTA Seafood button cuttlefish is preliminarily processed and uses IQF / Semi IQF freezing technology that meets European standards when caught, ensuring the freshness of squid when thawed.

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Cuttlefish is a precious seafood that is beneficial for both men and women. Cuttlefish has many antioxidants and nutrients, which help to prevent natural poisoning, strongly limit acid fluids, is good for people with anemia, people with stomach pain, …

Delicious button cuttlefish are squid with thick, big flesh, pressed firmly on the hand, hard beard sticking to the ink body, white body, not slimy.

Frozen cut cuttlefish is used to process many dishes such as ginger steamed cuttlefish, stewed cuttlefish, … Packaging form: 500 grams, 1 kg


Products meet the quality standards of HACCP, BRC, IFS, HALAL, ISO 9001: 2008 recognized in European countries and other countries.

Advanced freezing technology (IQF, Semi IQF, Semi Block, Block) ensures the freshness of the product.

Products are frozen as soon as they are caught.

Professional processing, quality assurance.


Catching and purchasing from raw material areas meeting domestic and international standards ensures the source of products and large output.

Opening branches in countries purchasing products to ensure product quality meets standards

Cooperating with and meeting the strict standards of leading Vietnamese restaurant chains of Red Sun and Golden Gate systems and processing factories that can export at home and abroad