Cuttlefish of PTA Seafood is preliminarily processed and uses IQF / Semi IQF freezing technology that meets European standards when caught, ensuring freshness of squid when frozen.

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500 gram 1 kg

Size (unit / kg):

15-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-80

Category: Squid

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Cuttlefish is a precious seafood that is beneficial for both men and women. Cuttlefish has many antioxidants and nutrients, helps to prevent natural poisoning, strongly limit acid fluids, good for people with anemia, stomachache, and so on

Delicious cuttlefish is similar to squid but with thich and big meet, a larger head and wider body flesh is firmly attached to the bone, the body is white, and is not viscous.

Frozen cuttlefish is good food to make many dishes such as ginger steamed cuttlefish, stewed cuttlefish, and so on.

Packing:500 grams, 1 kg