Squid with eggs

Squid egg of PTA Seafood is preliminarily processed and uses IQF / Semi IQF freezing technology that meets European standards when caught, ensuring freshness of squid while frozen.

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500 gram 1 kg

Size (unit / kg):

9 - 12

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Squid eggs is good source of high in protein, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the body such as protein, calcium helps bones and muscles develop, Vitamin B2 that help to relieve migraine symptoms, Selenium antioxidants help reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Squid egg is delicious, fat egg with a curled body, like a pin, natural sweetness, the tentacle is attached to the squid body, the squid beard is firm, the squid body is straight and thick, squid body with many eggs and eggs source from the tail.

Frozen squid with clean egg is good to make many dishes such as Tamarind fried squid, steamed squid, and so on

Packing: 500 grams, 1 kg